Indigo 91.9 FM is the country’s first and longest standing International music station with a passion for music and a love for entertaining. Its been a decade of playing you a vibrant array of genres of music right from pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz, top 40, dance, country to even world music with stations in Bangalore and Goa.

Here at Indigo 91.9, we’re constantly innovating to bring you your favorite international music and present distinct content & programming through our talented RJs. Being the longest standing international music station in the country, we make every single day special by celebrating artist birthdays, running marathons, making videos, singing, dancing and engaging with our cool bunch of listeners. So whether you’re into music, gossip, ridiculousness or even world affairs, we got you covered. That said, we spend most of our time finding out the things you love most and talking incessantly about them, doing everything in our power to stay true to being the radio station for a Fun, Young Bangalore & Goa.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, just how young at heart you are. If you like us, chances are that you are fun, young, Bangalorean and we are your humble, request-taking, joke making, conversation-starting, music playing buddies. Indigo 91.9, the radio station for a fun, young Bangalore.