The Fitness Hour

Indigo 91.9 gets Bangalore fit and healthy with the Fitness Hour – a dedicated fitness show for the first time on radio! With experts talking health and nutrition along with some energetic music curated for a good workout, Indigo’s Fitness Hour helps you sweat it out every morning.

When you’re not busy working out to the tunes, listen to our fitness experts, Ryan Fernando, Gaurav Singh and Ian Faria to ensure that you’re at the peak of your physical and mental health. While award-winning nutritionist Ryan Fernando advises you on diet and nutrition, fitness expert Gaurav Singh enables you to balance that healthy diet with a grueling workout. That’s not all! Our mind coach, Ian Faria demonstrates how you can ensure that your mind is just as fit as your body.

For more on the Fitness Hour, tune into Indigo 91.9 FM, the radio station from 7.10 am every day.